French Ceramics


French Pottery of the 50's by Pierre Staudenmeyer - Norma Editions

The wealth and diversity of 1950's French pottery is shown in this definitive book. Artists include Roger Capron, George Jouve, Robert Deblander. Written in French and English


L'Age d'Or de Vallauris by Anne Lajoix - Les Editions de l'Amateur

A well illustrated and documented book on a wide range of Vallauris Potters and the phenomenon that took place in this small town on the French Riviera. Written in French.


Création en France Arts Décoratifs 1945 - 1965 - Gourcuff Gradenigo

Written by a number of specialists, this book lists artists, decorators, potters of the era and is very well illustrated. Written in French.


Cinquante ans de céramique francaise by Antoinette Fay-Halle 1955 - 2005 - Réunion des musées nationaux.

Illustrated collection of works by major artists, both past and contemporary. Written in French.


La grande aventure des Gres Flammés 1900-1950 by Marcel Poulet - Les Cahiers du gres de Puisaye

Information on French Art Pottery, including Greber, Pointu, Denbac, Lacheny and Metenier. (Written in French)


La Céramique Artistique de Quimper by Antoine Lucas - Editions Palantines

Beautifully illustrated book about Quimper ceramics from the 1920's to the present day, including the Keraluc factory .(Written in French)


Terres de Mémoire 100 ans de ceramiques à Aubagne - Narrations Editions.  Written in French


Marques et Signatures de la Céramique de la Côte d'Azur by JC Martin - Sudarenes. Written in French


Potiers de Gres by Denis Goudenhooft - Self-published. A collection of marks and signatures of French studio stoneware from 1941 to 1985. Written in French.


Guide des Artisans et Createurs de France by Gilbert Delahaye - Published by Robert LaffontThe 1965 edition details active potters, sculptors and artisans in all regions of France. Written in French


Mission Céramique Collection Jean Jacques et Bénédicte Wattel -  French ceramics from the 1940s,50s and 60s.  Beautifully illustrated.


Potiers et Céramistes des Pays de Savoie 1900-1960 by Buttin et Pachoud-Chevrier - Published by Editions Le Vieil Annecy. A great book if you can get it!  Detailed information on potteries in the Haute Savoie region of France.  Wonderful original photos.


German Ceramics


From Spritzdekor to Fat Lava by Kevin James Graham

Marks & Form Numbers by Kevin James Graham

Two useful and informative books on West German Pottery, written by an expert collector.


Keramik der 50er Jahre by Horst Makus - Arnoldsche

Well illustrated tome on factories and studio potters of the 50's.


Fat Lava - West German Ceramics of the 1960's and 70's by Mark Hill - Mark Hill Publishing

An informative and well written guide to the major West German factories.


Deutsche Keramik und Porzellane der 60er und 70er Jahre by MP Thomas

A useful guide to some of the major factories with Pattern and Form Numbers. Written in German


Scandinavian Ceramics


Scandinavian Art Pottery by Robin Hecht - Schiffer Publishing Ltd

Well illustrated with information on major Scandi factories and potters.


Bornholmsk Keramik - Michael Anderson - Bornholms Museum, Denmark.

A short history of this Danish factory from 1890 to the present. Written in Danish.

Bornholmsk Vaerkstedskeramik - 1933 til nu - Bornholms Museum, Denmark

A small booklet about Studio Pottery on the island of Bornholm.

Söholm Keramik - Bornholms Museum, Denmark

A paperback about this important Danish Factory from 1835 to the 1990's.


Stentøj - Den kongelige Porcelainsfabrik by Leif Lautrup-Larsen - Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck

Everything you wanted to know about Royal Copenhagen Stoneware. A large book, beautifully illustrated. 


Keramik i lange baner by Teresa Nielsen - Vejen Kunst Museum

120 years of Danish ceramics in the museum collection dating from the late 1880s to the present. This book includes Saxbo, Palshus, Arne Bang and interestingly a small collection of  French ceramics from amongst others Denbac and Pierrefonds.  Written in Danish and well illustrated. 


Italian Ceramics


Alla Moda Italian Ceramics of the 1950s - 70s by Mark Hill

Well illustrated and concisely written, this book is an important asset in identifying what has hitherto been the uncharted territory of 20th century Italian Pottery



Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Museo Montelupo in 2007.  Shows the range of work by Aldo Londi, one-off pieces, sculptures and paintings.




Sklo Union by Marcus Newhall - Hope Fountain Books

20th Century Czech Pressed Glass


Millers 20th Century Glass by Andy McConnell - Octopus Publishing Group

A well illustrated and definitive book about Glass Factories and Designers.


Hi Sklo Lo Sklo by Mark Hill - Mark Hill Publishing

Informative and concise, this is a very useful addition to the study of Czech Glass.


Chance Expressions by David P. Encill - Cortex Design

A must for any collector of Chance Glass


Modern Glass 1890-2000 - Kunst Industrie Museet (The Danish Museum of Decorative Art)

Catalogue of the collection.  This museum also has a fine collection of French Art Pottery.


General Mid Century Modern Design


Landmarks of 20th Century Design by Kathryn Hiesinger & George Marcus - Abbeville Press

British Studio Potters Marks by Eric Yates-Owen & Robert Fournier - A & C Black

Collectables Handbooks by Judith Miller & Mark Hill - Millers

Collecting the 1960's by Madeleine Marsh - Millers

'50s & '60s Style by Polly Powell & Lucy Peel - Apple Press

Design of the 20th Century by Charlotte & Peter Fiell - Taschen